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I'd be happy to play drums on your music! Feel free to contact me using the form on the page.


I will be recording drums at my studio in London and send you up to 16 stems on 24bit, 44.1khz WAV-AIFF files unless otherwise requested.
Any styles: Pop, Rock, Indie, Jazz, Classical, Fusion, Metal etc
I have plenty of gear (modern and vintage), great sounding room and mics. Find all studio specs here.
I'm up for 2 revisions but, really, I can be a bit more flexible about it as what I do really care about is costumers' (fellow artists) satisfaction and, of course, musicianship! (We love music don't we? So we wanna achieve great results together).
In order to get started I only need:
Your backing track
A click track, or guide drums track or BPM
References in terms of arrangement, sounds. If you want me to read then send your chart as I'm a sight reader.

I'd be happy to HD film me playing the takes in my good looking studio and send you the file so that you'll have it for archive or social/promotional/videoclip material purposes.


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