Alex Marchisone is an Italian born, London based producer, composer, songwriter and drummer.

In recent years, he has predominantly been an accomplished drummer on London’s West End and for Daphne Guinness, Romances, and Mistral Pusher. Other collaborations include: Grammy Awards winning producer Tony Visconti, Rumer, Kristeen Young, Producer Jim Lowe, Go-Kart Mozart and many more.

Alex is fascinated by every aspect of musical expression, and his creative process begins as an empty canvas with no restrictions. He adopts organic orchestral and electronic elements, traditional writing and sound design, vocals sounds, letting the melodies do the talking.

His debut release Token is an orchestral and piano piece with cinematic influences, soundscapes and vocals provided by BMG artist Holly Henderson.


Alex's new single 'Spores, Pt. 1: The Journey' (out on 23rd of February) is the first part of a mini suite inspired by nature and the environmental crisis, a journey through thoughts and emotions.
The second and final part will be released on March the 30th.

A short film for the entire suite is in the making.
The film will be released just before Earth Day (22nd April) and it will be extensively pitched to nature funds and organisations for them to freely use as social content, ad, awareness campaign material.

"WOW, this song is insane!" - Angela Mastronardi (Senior Sync Executive, Sony/ATV)

"I've just had a listen to Token and I have to say that I'm quite astounded. It's bloody marvellous."
Steve Norman (Spandau Ballet)

"It's a masterpiece." - Matt Cooper (Incognito)

Spores, Pt.1: The JourneyAlex Marchisone
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TokenAlex Marchisone
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